Backflow Certification Course #30

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Sat Mar 16, 8:00 AM - Sat Apr 13, 4:30 PM (PDT)
Irrigator Tech School, 1457 E Philadelphia St #2, Ontario, CA, United States  

Backflow Certification Course #30

40 Hour Course 5 Full Day Classes Variable Days
This is a 40 hour class requirement for certification. These classes concentrate on hands on with the backflow devices. The course will provide with an Irrigator Tech Binder along with a USC 10th Edition cross-connection book. ALL CLASSES MUST BE ATTENDED to complete the forty hour requirement. The Irrigator Tech Certificate is approved and can be shown as formal statement of your class completion in order to apply for local county water authorities and or the ABPA or AWWA certifications, depending on what is required in your territories of work.

Upon completion of this 40 hour course Class #30 will qualify students to apply for testing with county water authorities, AWWA or ABPA. These associations’ schedules can be found on their websites. These testing fees are in addition to your class fees and are not paid to Irrigator Tech. You will send them to the corresponding associations for processing before your testing date.

Schedule Date Session Course/Class
Day 1 March 16 8:30am Reduced Pressure
12:30am Reduced Pressure
Day 2 March 23 8:30am Pressure Vacuum Breaker
12:30am Pressure Vacuum Breaker
Day 3 March 30 8:30am Double Check Backflow
12:30am Double Check Backflow
Day 4 April 6 8:30am Spill Resistant Pressure Vacuum
12:30am Spill Resistant Pressure Vacuum
Day 5 April 13 8:30am Review & Hands on Testing
12:30am Review & Hands on Testing

Modesto Bolanos

Irrigator Tech School, 1457 E Philadelphia St #2, Ontario, CA, United States