Zurn -Wilkins Backflow Workshop & Factory Tour

Fri Feb 28, 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM (PST)
Paso Robles, CA  

This Backflow Workshop & Factory Tour is scheduled for Friday February 28 at 8am
You will be educated on all Zurn/Wilkins product by the best teacher.

Zurn/Wilkins will provide complimentary rooms for Thursday night, February 27. We will be meeting that evening for dinner. The workshop is on Friday February 28. Wives & husbands are welcome to come with you. A room for Friday Febrauary 28th is $139 and must be reserved.

If you are planning to stay Friday that can be arranged
with Terri at the Irrigator Tech office (909) 983-7000. You will be
responsible for Friday night room charge of approx. ($139.00) should you
decide to stay.

*Thursday afternoon the check in time is at 3pm. We will meet for
complimentary wine and cheese at 5:30pm and dinner to follow. (Adults only).
The location is at the La Quinta Hotel at 2615 Buena Vista Dr. in Paso Robles. The downstairs lobby is where we will all be meeting.

*Workshop starts Friday at 8am at Wilkins Factory. Complimentary breakfast is
provided by hotel before we leave for training at 7:30 am.

*Friday, after workshop, if you choose to stay, enjoy the beautiful Paso Robles
area and all its restaurants, breweries and vineyards.

Hope you can experience this great learning opportunity.

Paso Robles, CA