Certified Irrigation Installer

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Wed. Jan 10, 7:00 AM - Fri. Jan 26, 2:30 PM (PST)
Superstition Springs, 7235 E. Hampton Ave., Mesa, AZ, USA  

Certified Irrigation Installer

40 Hour Course 5 Full Day Classes Wed, Thurs & Fri

​Irrigator Tech’s Installation Certificate is designed to teach experienced students the professional techniques to perform and supervise commercial and residential installations. Our complete course instruction and wet lab will provide unparalleled experience to the student.

Each course has a lecture followed by a hands-on wet lab. Upon completion of the Certified Irrigation Installer (C.I.I.) classes, students will receive installation certificates valid for one year from course completion. Renewal is required annually to maintain certification.

Schedule Date Session Course/Class
Day 1 Jan 10 8:30am Wiring & Electrical Installation
12:30am Controller Installation & Programming
Day 2 Jan 11 8:30am Valve Installation
12:30am Sprinkler Heads & Drip Irrigation Install
Day 3 Jan 24 8:30am Pipe Fitting & Installation
12:30am Irrigation Field Hydraulics
Day 4 Jan 25 8:30am Master Valve Installation
12:30am Understanding Blueprints & Landscape
Day 5 Jan 26 8:30am Pumps & Pump Systems Installation
12:30am Backflow Installation

Richard Daigle

Superstition Springs, 7235 E. Hampton Ave., Mesa, AZ, USA